A Hydrographic Survey of Loe Pool

hydrographThe Loe Pool Forum identified a need to produce an up to date and high resolution bathymetric data of Loe Pool to assess the current condition of Loe Pool and to use a benchmark for future monitoring and investigations. Alongside the need for bathymetric data, an accurate image of the objects and features within the pool was also identified as a needed.


The full report can be read here: A Hydrographic Survey of Loe Pool

To produce the bathymetric data 5 days of bathymetric surveying using a single beam sonar system was undertaken, the data was then post processed and converted into WSG84 coordinates (depths were also converted into WGS84 elevations). From this data set contour maps and 3d surfaces were created to analyses the current condition of the lake.


A single day of new sidescan sonar investigation was undertaken, and this imagery alongside a larger data set recorded in previous years was also reviewed and significant objects were identified and recorded as coordinates and snapshots. A single day of magnetic surveying was carried out, from this data two features were identified for future investigations, and a feature identified in the sidescan imagery was shown to be of nonmagnetic material. This section of the survey can be used as a reference for future and larger magnetic investigations of the lake.

The project recorded an accurate bathymetric data set which has been made available online for interested parties, specifically the member institutions of the Loe Pool Forum, to monitor and investigate the current and future conditions of Loe Pool. The bathymetric investigation identified three areas that can be seen as at risk.

The sidescan investigation identified a number of large feature such as sunken trees, these objects can now be monitored and the number of objects within the lake can be monitored as there is now a record to refer to.

The magnetic data identified areas for future investigation, and determined a methodology for using terrestrial magnetometer systems for shallow water magnetic surveys.

One thought on “A Hydrographic Survey of Loe Pool

  1. Thank you very much indeed for all this information; and particulary special thanks and appreciation of all the material that Mr. Neil Wood has forwarded. I shall have to use a lot of it during my presentation on Helston Port next spring, D.V.

    Kind Regards,


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