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In search of otters at Loe Pool

Keen conservationists from Exeter and Falmouth univesities teamed up to create a film for their wildlife documentary society, to capture Loe Pool’s success story. Here they hunt for clues of the much-loved otters’ returning to the area.

Battling flooding in face of climate change

Learn how Justin Whitehouse from the National Trust has been working to restore natural flooding in the Willow Carr, which will help to keep people in residential areas safe.

Reintroduction of Strapwort to Loe Pool

The 28th of May 2015 was an extremely exciting day for Loe Pool Forum! After much organisation work by Tracey Hamston (Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust) and Laura Bailey (National Trust) the extremely rare Strapwort was re-planted to Loe Pool. We made a documentary film of the planting day, click here or on the image below to watch. Or, if your really interested, follow this link for a full write up of the day:

reintroduction of strapwort vimeo screen shot

Trialling the Rolling Ball risk maps 

At the heart of Loe Pool Forum’s (LPF) approach to addressing water risks is the idea of Integrated Catchment Management (ICM). This is about ensuring management strategies are sensitive to the needs and priorities of all catchment stakeholders. The challenge though, for partnerships such as LPF, is to understand the different stakeholder’s needs and priorities in the first place. In this film the LPF team trial the Rolling Ball (RB) model maps as way to spark conversations around appropriate water risk management strategies.

Media Coverage of Plant Survey

There was considerable media interest in the survey. An interview with the survey team and National Trust staff at the lake during the survey was shown on local BBC and ITV news: BBC Spotlight – Divers survey Loe Pool, Cornwall’s largest lake. The local newspaper also ran an article on the research: West Briton – Polluted pool is showing signs of life.

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