New insights into the Loe Bar’s changing geomorphology

Since 2014 Loe Pool Forum have been collaborating with Camborne School of Mines (CSM) on research in and around the Loe Pool.

In 2015 Annabel Pardoe submitted her Master’s dissertation on Loe Bar and its changing geomorphology. Annabel’s dissertation was submitted as part of CSM’s Surveying with Land and Environmental Management course.

Annabel’s investigation of Loe Bar looks at migration of the Bar into Loe Pool and ways in which this could be monitored in the future. This geophysical investigation examined the composition of the Bar and mapped the underlying bedrock from the topography of the surrounding hills down to a depth of 60m below the centre of the Bar.

You can read the full dissertation here: A study into the history of the bar and the development of a technique for future monitoring as well as an insight into the geomorphology

Annabel Pardoe - side view of bar

3Dview of Loe Bar and surrounding area using LiDAR data from TELLUS, looking approximately east (vertical exaggeration:
1.2500, Source: Ferraccioli et al, 2014)



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