Announcing – student competition with Helston Community College

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Helston Community College 2013 Loe Pool field trip

Every year for the last twenty years the Science department at Helston Community College have lead a Yr. 9 field trip to Loe Pool. The day aims to bring the curriculum to life by getting the students hands on with nature. Pupils are tasked with surveying the wildlife in Loe Pool and Penrose Creek and the water quality in the River Cober. The trip is guided by Laura Bailey and Mark Harrington. Laura is the National Trust’s most knowledgeable warden and Mark is an animated story teller who brings the history of the Pool to life in a way only he can.

The trip is always a success and proves that learning outside the classroom without books can be just as productive. For the students this year though there is even more reason to listen. Loe Pool Forum has partnered with Helston Community College and schemed up a competition. The pupils have been set the challenge to produce a poster or blog article to communicate what they learnt from the day. The posters and blogs will then be judged by members of Loe Pool Forum on the 9th of July 2014. The best posters and blog entries will be published here on this site and displayed at the National Trust Penrose estate.

Excitingly South West Water has supported the competition with a bag of water related goodies.

Watch this space…


Competition prizes from South West Water

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