Scanning the Loe

Neil Wood at the Camborne School or Mines (CSM) recently surveyed the Loe using a side-scan sonar and his finds were pretty exciting! they included WW2 wreckage, underground caves, ‘British record’ sized Perch, remanents of a harbour wall and some sunken boats. Here is Neill interpreting one of the images: This side-scan sonar image of the lake bed shows a considerable amount of debris close to the edge of the lake which is to the left.  The almost featureless area to the far right of the image is bare sediment with a few fish showing up as small bright streaks.  Amongst the debris, just to the right of centre in the image, you should be able to see the canoe like shape of a small boat or punt that appears to be upright but deeply embedded in the sediment.  It is around 7 metres (23 feet) in length.

We even got some coverage from the BBC on this article:

Wreck 2 for web

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