The Yellow Fish Project comes to Helston!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon with Cornwall Wildlife Trust and some helpful pupil’s from St. Michael’s C of E Primary School painting the town yellow in the name of water quality. This was as part of the Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish Project.


Armed with yellow spray-paint and fish-shaped stencils, Yellow Fish symbols were sprayed next to Helston’s historic kennels and surface water drains to clearly remind people that it should be ‘Only Rain Down the Drain!’


Unfortunately, when other substances such as engine oil and food waste enter Helston’s drains, it is not long before the pollutants reach Loe Pool putting the lives of the areas fantastic wildlife in peril.


The Yellow Fish Project has been part of a bigger initiative to bring benefits for water quality, wildlife and people in and around the River Cober. The children of St. Michael’s C of E Primary School were incredibly helpful and engaging and promised to continue to spread the word around Helston – ‘Only Rain Down the Drain!’


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