The First Loe Pool Make-a-Difference Day of 2018

By Bethany Rossiter


Following a successful volunteers day on Thursday 5th April, the Loe Pool Forum, along with its partner organisations, are looking for eager volunteers to take part in a series of practical days over the rest of this coming year. These days will be based on themes such as removing Himalayan balsam, leaky dams and willow coppicing.


The volunteer day that took place on the 5th April, involved a small team of volunteers taking part in a litter pick around Loe Pool, Penrose and Loe Bar, with the aim of removing litter and rubbish that could become hazardous to the local environment. By the end a rewarding day, the team managed to collect a large amount of rubbish and debris, including an abandoned old rusty bike frame. This type of volunteer work is essential to protect an ecologically sensitive area, as well as keeping it safe place for people to visit.


Anyone who is interested in taking part in these Make-a-Difference days can contact Calum (Penrose Ranger) on

More information about other volunteering roles can be found here

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