Loe Pool Forum relies on the support and guidance from various individuals, agencies and stakeholders. Below is a list of partners who help the Forum to improve the water quality and reduce flooding risk in the Cober catchment.


National Trust (NT) own and manage Penrose Estate which encompasses Loe Pool, Loe Bar and surrounding agricultural land. The National Trust financially support the Forum’s work as well as leading the Forum’s community engagement agenda. You can find out what’s going on at Penrose Estate here, keep up to date with the Trust’s work via their Blog, follow them on Twitter, or Facebook them.

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Natural England (NE) are responsible for improving the environmental condition of Loe Pool, being a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Natural England support the Forum through providing a representative to chair the Forum sub group which is concerned with agricultural activities in the middle and upper areas of the Cober catchment. Natural England financially support farmers in the catchment to effectively deliver environmental management through their Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) schemes.

Environment-Agency-Logo1 Environment Agency (EA) has legal responsibility to protect and improve water courses in the UK. Part of their strategy is to assist environmental partnerships, such as Loe Pool Forum, to effectively engage with local stakeholders. The Environment Agency support the Forum through providing a representative to chair the Forum sub group concerned with addressing point source pollution. The Environment Agency also have a rigorous monitoring system in the catchment, this helps the Forum identifies sources of risk. For example, Loe Pool Lake level is monitored because of its role in flooding risk in Helston. Click here to see the current lake level or click here to find out what’s in your backyard.

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Cornwall Wildlife Trust (CWT) are the leading local charity working to protect and enhance Cornwall’s wildlife and wild places. The Cornwall Wildlife Trust provides advice and guidance to the Forum on how to successfully manage habitats and wildlife in the catchment. The Trust also provides a wealth of experience in taking a ‘catchment based approach‘ towards improving water quality and reducing flood risk. Of particular note is the Wild Penwith Project and the East Looe Catchment Project which the Trust has been working on.

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South West Water (SWW) are a key Forum partner. A representative from SWW advises on the Forum’s sub groups concerned with point sources and catchment activities. Working with the Forum, South West Water has invested in considerable infrastructure at the Helston sewerage treatment plant which had reduced nutrient enrichment into Loe Pool. SWW extract water from the River Cober at Trenear, in the Parish of Wendron, to supply Helston and the Lizard area with drinking water. SWW are therefore extremely concerned with agricultural practices in the upper catchment. This is because extreme influxes in chemicals results in SWW having to shut down the drinking water treatment process. As a consequence SWW are considering investing in an Upstream Thinking project in the Cober catchment.

Local Groups

  • Linking the Lizard Countryside Partnership is a neighbouring group which is doing fantastic work to conserve and promote the wonderful environment and wildlife on the Lizard Peninsular:
  • If you are interested in Helston’s local history then this is a great site:

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